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  My name is Charlie King. I have been working with nature for many years making various forms of art, and enjoying the serenity of being surrounded by it.  I handcraft beautiful pendants Free form shapes and cabochons from the rocks and minerals I collect from various mines or Rock collections i purchase from other Rock hounds i meet in the field.  I enjoy  making hiking staffs walking sticks and treasure boxes from cedar trees and their root clusters. The Heart wood with its hard dense center and beautiful wood grain. I also use other types of wood, cedar is just what I use most often.  I gather cedar trees with the roots still attached, and other eastern hardwoods collected from my mountain property in Northeast Alabama or from other states when in I go on road trips and find something with character and majestic wood grain or clusters, everything unique and in between. In any instance, they are exotic and a one of a kind. I can custom make your staff, wand, cane, table, bed, or chair by setting powerful crystals, spheres or stones into the wood.   For the "metaphysical spiritual philosophy’s" I am also a friend with a Shaman from the Long Swamp Tribe, who will bless every piece if requested.

  I believe my Art work weather stone or wood are particularly well suited and worthy of anyone wanting something of unique character weather it was for a personal one of a kind or for a sorcerer, wizard or spiritual person. All of my pieces are all personally hand worked, not massed produced by some factory or imported from overseas. 

every piece of art is uniquely exotic; individual  one of a kind , it is a natural masterpiece, not mass-produced with many copies. As mentioned I also make beds and tables upon serious request; with non refundable Deposit all craftsmanship is done by HAND in my workshop in Northeast Alabama.

  When I am making a Art piece , I try to select the most beautiful stone or unique piece of wood. which are still in their rough state, and sometimes that is hard . I never know what I am going to get till I am done with it sometimes the grain or color will change as i sand. Then I free form every stone or piece of wood, meaning: I do not follow any pattern, I go with the natural flow and instinct. If a stone is in triangle shape then you get a finished stone in a triangle shape most likely. Once the piece is complete,  it can be worn, or placed somewhere showing the full stones beauty.  In some instances, I do follow a template, which will be marked for those of you who want your cabochon shaped for a ring or store bought setting.  They are pre-measured so I have to make the piece to fit.

 I sell free form stones, which are not attached to anything. Therefore, you can do with them what you will...you may have something in mind and want to take them to your jeweler to have them set or maybe do something of your own. I do not sell any fakes!  if i have something on my page that is made of glass or from someone else i will say so it will be clearly marked. like the hand carved wood art i have from Kenya. If i am not sure of something i will let you know. i will stand by any piece you get from myrockshop by our money back guarantee!!

I start with a rough rock or piece of wood, cut, and carve every piece until I get a finished product. I will stand by every piece as 100%.  most everything I sell are one of a kind.  No two free form pieces are the same and all the hiking staffs and treasure boxes are different. something maybe similar but, never the exact same that is the beauty of working with mother nature. Therefore, when you have a piece from myrockshop.com and your friend wants one just like it. Sorry it cannot be done.   Maybe similar to it. but, never the same. In addition, since I am the collector and miner, which not only makes it unique, you will get your piece at a good price. Much lower than buying in a local store.

Return Policy _ Customers are offered a 30 day money back guarantee on all internet purchases from this website. The 30 -day period commences upon the post mark delivery date of your order, Myrockshop.com must be notified of your intention to return the product before this period of 30 days ends. The customer will be responsible for all freight for the return and product must be received undamaged and in its original condition before a refund will be issued.i understand packages can be damaged during shipment there for I ship every piece with insurance. may i suggest you do the same if for some reason you make a return.

USA buyers please use Pay Pal or you can send a Personal Check or money order. All are acceptable payment

Payment MUST be clear before order can be shipped

Sales tax of 9% will be charged to Alabama residents or if purchased and/or shipped to address in  Alabama

International buyers must use Pay Pal or International money order only. please contact for shipping cost some orders have been able to shipped for free


if ANY ITEM is not marked for shipping

For our Continental United States customers orders of $200.or more shipping and handling is free.  For International Customers standard shipping rates apply.  Please contact us at myrockshop@live.com for the rates before ordering.

We use Fedex Ground as our shippers and we must have an actual street address. They do not ship to a PO Box. 

Myrockshop has had to many fake p.o.box  orders Sorry we can no longer mail to any p.o. box unless insurance can be applied

Orders are normally shipped within 5 business days after receipt of payment.  Shipping will take a maximum of 3-6 business days depending on your location's distance from Alabama.  

Shipping rates:

  • $0 to $20 - $6.00
  • $20.01 to $50 - $14.00
  • $50.01 to $100 - $18.00
  • $100.01 to $150 - $22.00
  • $150.01 to $199.99 - $26
  • $200 and higher - $0.00
We pay for insurance when we ship.

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If You want something custom made just ask.
 I am always ready to please.
 Thank you!!

 We have some new Art work acquired from Kenya Africa.
 all wood art pieces  are hand carved From Kenya and marked. if a piece of art was not carved by me or if i am not sure it will always be marked. i will let you know all the information on each and every piece. If you ever have a question please e-mail me at Myrockshop@live.com.
Leopard wood Drinking bowl $25.00 each plus shipping.
With the purchase of four bowls shipping is free. U.S.A only All wood

photos below are hand carved from Kenya Africa
Maasai Couple 18 inch wood carving $72.00 for the couple you get both for

that price plus shipping.
the $24 inch Giraffe is regularly $79.95 but NOW 49.95 each. plus

shipping. 18 inch $24.95 +s/h
Will post more very soon.
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